Print Credibility

Print Is Credible!

Print Marketing Gives You Credibility You Cannot Afford to Scroll Past.

Print credibility is bolstered by today’s shaky digital fact-checking frenzy.

Print Credibility is Unchallenged

Do you really need studies to tell you that print media commands greater trust than anything you might read on Twitter or elsewhere online? If you do, some recent studies by the International News Media Association state that “people trust print media more than any other form of advertising.”

There is just something respectful about the care a business owner, let’s say, puts into collaborating with a design and print professional to create their own physical brand presence. True professionals will refuse to look down at their smartphones and ask to input your contact information because they would rather give you full presence of mind. Instead, they take out and give you a fresh, well-done business card, uniquely suited to their brand and you will feel greater connection to them.

The Advantages of Print Credibility

It is time to be mindful of the ways in which we can use print to our advantage in business and forgo the temptation to be quick with technology and the implication that we do not care as much we would if we presented with printed collateral. Strategists are reaping the benefits of what scientists have demonstrated: Our minds are set-up to identify most closely with physical advertising partly because it shows which are the most motivated, most caring in business. Printing large banners, signs, letterhead, promotional products and apparel shows TLC. People want your TLC, so logic dictates you must show them what you’ve got in that department through print.

Print Ads Build Confidence

A survey was conducted by Two Sides* and the results show exactly how scrolling past print is a mistake. It seems the majority of participants do not respond well to online advertising:

    • 71% don’t pay attention to online ads
    • 69% find online ads annoying
    • 59% don’t trust online ads

Good news for print advertising was apparent in the results from the same survey as print marketing credibility shines:

    • 80% trust print ads
    • 63% read print ads addressed to them
    • 59% read print ads that aren’t addressed to them
Wide format printing today let’s you live large in posters, billboards and even vehicle wraps, all branded and impossible to ignore. Your name becomes more “legit” and in the era of checking digital statements and advertising for credibility, the legitimacy of print marketing is not only stable, it is growing.

Credible Print Complements the Internet

We need the internet, no one needs to argue that point. The speed and access to minute details of information in a pinch, plus that it is part of the spectrum of contemporary communication make it an invincible tool. Yet, it is print that will still lead us online and if it’s from your branded promotional product to your website, you will have more credibility before your home page even loads before them. The message from the surveys and the scientists is simple. If you were starting to perceive print as an artifact of marketing, you’re quite mistaken.

This year and into the years to come, it is wise to consider the tactile presence of your brand as married to whatever your online endeavors may be. One lends credence to the other and used together, you can harness growth.

A Testimonial

Dominic Harwood owns Minuteman Press in East Dallas, Texas, and his focus is being that expert ally. He says, “Personalized service is more than providing information about what you might order. Printing is tactile, so while someone can try to inform themselves as much as possible, if they do not have swatches and knowledge, they would be wise to have someone to walk them through the process. That is what we do.” His clients are relieved of technical details and they still reap the benefits.

He adds, “Today in digital printing, the choice in areas such as substrate, for instance, is much broader. This is good as there are more avenues opened more solutions for marketers. With the experience we have, someone can send me artwork and I can look at it and I will make a call and tell them if I don’t think it should be on the paper style they chose and offer options. A lot depends on your purpose. For example, you might want matte to avoid glare in certain environments. “Ultimately,” he says, “there is a place for both online and printed advertising, but you should always have an expert guide you.”

Next Steps

That print marketing gives people reason to trust you has been proven, but you risk missing the mark if you try to design and print your brand without assistance from experts. Use print to boost your business credibility and choose us to be your trusted Minuteman Press design, digital printing and marketing services provider

Credits: This posting is based in part on materials and references complied by the Minuteman Press International corporate staff.