Winter Marketing Tips

Summer marketing Tips

Chances are that you will be looking to market your business outside because that is where your prospects and clients are going to spend their time over the fall season.

Use these 5 business marketing tips to give your business a visual boost that will help your brand stand out when promoting at different outdoor events or even right outside your own location:

Marketing Tips 1: Use clear visible signage

1. Get Clear Visible Signage & Window Graphics

Get clear, visible signage and window graphics. Having well-designed and printed signage along with appealing window graphics is vital to helping your business pop visually to those who are passing by. If you don’t have a sign or window graphics, you are making it that much harder for customers to find you. Having professional signage will increase your likelihood of walk-in traffic and also shows that you are a professional business with a clear sense of who you are.

Marketing Tips 2. Plant your promotional flags

2. Fortify You Home Base With Promotional Flags

Fortify your home base and plant your promotional flags. Promotional flags are an easy and affordable way to tell everyone where you are located. It’s important to take full advantage of your outside space and flags help you do that. You can get branded teardrop flags or feather flags with your logo and colors imprinted on them and they are built to last.

Banners Table Covers Canopies

3. Use Branded Banners, Table Covers & Canopies

Are you headed to a festival or local community event? Full-color custom branded banners, table covers, and canopies are your friend! If you are going to be outside at a local festival, street fair, or any number of summer events, you will need to stand out from the crowd. Make sure your space is dressed to impress with full-color banners and table covers. Also, go big and bold with a branded canopy and your business is sure to be seen.

Fun Functional Promotional Products

4. Give Out Fun Functional Promotional Products

Have FUN and FUNCTIONAL promotional products to hand out. When people are attending outdoor events, they are going to be walking around and looking for reasons to visit your booth or display area. What better way to entice them and also promote your business by offering them promotional products that are fun for them to get their hands on and are perfect for them to use. Suggestions include branded drawstring bags that are lightweight and easy to carry, mobile phone power banks perfect for helping them recharge, custom branded hats, visors, or sunglasses for keeping them cool in the sun, and fun items such as Frisbees and fidget spinners.

branded water bottle snacks

5. Give Out Items To Make Them Comfortable

Give them something to make them comfortable and remember you by. A little gesture can go a long way in making a big first impression. If you offer people who visit your booth or display something like a branded water bottle when they are thirsty or some snacks when they are hungry, it will create an instant positive connection with your brand. They also might be more apt to hear your story and entertain your offers because you already filled a need for them right there on the spot